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My First Meeting as an Escort with a Client

If you have ever been to London or are presently here, you must know the great entertainment options that this city has to offer. London is always brimming with people from all over the world and is one of the best places to have fun in the world. One of the best option that men in London like to enjoy is the services of escorts in London. I myself am an independent escort in London and have been working in this profession for last few years. Unlike what a few people think, escorting is not just about sex. It is much more than that and is more about offering companionship.

I am presently studying in the University at present and pursuing my masters. Escorting is something that I initially took up for money but now I like the lifestyle that it offers. Meeting new people from around the world, dining at fancy restaurants, visiting high society events, going on exotic vacations, traveling in expensive cars, being pampered by rich men and having loads of sex. It has been one of the best decisions of my life as I now have financial independence and can work on my own terms as a high class escort in London. But it was not always like this. I was initially very hesitant about my choice of this profession but my first experience as an escort changed my outlook towards everything. Let me share the details of my first meeting with a client.

I had recently registered with an escort agency in London and they assigned me my first client within the first week. It was an appointment at one of the biggest Hotels in London with a high-profile client. I dressed up and took a cab to get there. I have to say that at that moment my heart was beating very fast because I have never been inside a five-star hotel in London. When I reached his room and rang the bell, I could literally hear my  heart pounding. The door was opened by a well-dressed young man who was in his mid-30’s. He welcomed me in and offered me to sit. I took-off my coat and sat down on the chair opposite to him. Initially I was very hesitant and was unable to look him in the eyes.

He offered me a drink which I readily accepted. I literally gulped down the drink and suddenly started feeling better. We then discussed about our lives and work. He was not from London but was here on a business assignment here from Australia. When I asked him why he booked an appointment with an escort, he said that he was feeling lonely and wanted to have someone to talk to. I really liked his honesty. We talked for a few minutes and then proceeded to have dinner at the restaurant in the Hotel. It was an amazing dining experience. Then we came back to the room and made love like to wild animals. I felt really nice all the while I was with him. Afterwards he arranged for a cab to drop me home in the morning.

I really liked the treatment I received on my first assignmentand it got me hooked to this amazing profession that I now love.

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